Announcement of finalists

We are pleased to announce the six finalists for this year's Best Student Presentation Award. The finalists are listed here, in alphabetical order:

  • Robert Adams (W4C.1) - "THz Quantum Cascade Sources based on Intra-cavity Frequency Mixing in Passive Nonlinear Sections"
  • Jessica Grundt (Th4D.2) - "Terahertz radiation triggers a signature gene expression profile in human cells"
  • Jingbo Liu (Tu4D.2) - "THz Near-Field Imaging Based On A Tapered Parallel-plates"
  • Akira Miyazaki (F2A.5) - "Direct Measurement of Positronium Hyperfine Splitting - Testing Fundamental Physics with sub-THz Gyrotron"
  • Emilio Nanni (Th4A.4) - "Progress on a 250 GHz Photonic Band Gap Gyrotron Traveling Wave Tube"
  • Christopher Russell (W3B.3) - "Increasing the bandwidth of planar on-chip THz devices for spectroscopic applications"

These finalists were chosen after a rigorous review of the eligible submissions by the Student Prize Committee.  We congratulate all six of these students, as well as all of the students who will be participating in the conference, for their hard work and dedication to their research.

The finalists will each deliver their presentations at a special closed session of the Prize Committee on Wednesday evening, October 5th.  The prize winner will be announced at the conference banquet on Thursday evening.


This year's Best Student Presentation Award is dedicated to Carl Headley. Carl Headley  (MSci, UCL London, DPhil candidate Oxford),  passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition the day after he gave his talk at the 35th IRMMW-THz conference last year.  Carl was in the final year of  his D.Phil (PhD) in Michael Johnston’s group at Oxford University when he died. Carl’s first paper was published posthumously in January this year.